Why Are Cheap Fake Diamond Rings So Popular?

Do you ever wonder why some people prefer cheap fake diamond rings when they could probably afford the genuine article? Lou Reed famously sang, “Why would you have only three diamonds if you can have six?” and that’s something that you really need to ask yourself. You’re probably thinking that you can’t afford a major collection of diamond jewelry; they would burn a hole in your bank account so deep, you might as well crawl into it and forget about your mortgage. So how can you add as much sparkle to your life as possible, without having to sell your soul? The answer is simple: opt for fabulous fakes.

Bling On A Budget Is Smart And Trendy 
russian-ice-on-fireDiamonds are stunning, and the way they catch the light can be mesmerizing. You shouldn’t have to cut down on your bling simply because you’re on a budget. Faux diamonds are just as beautiful, and can be incorporated into any outfit to instantly add a glimmering hint of luxury and glamour.
Think about diamonds the way you would think about clothes and bags, not all of us can afford Chanel and Dior, but that shouldn’t stop us from getting as many fashion tips off the runway as we can. It doesn’t, and it shouldn’t. As long as you look good, nobody’s going to check the price tag.


You Get More For The Money
Have you ever pretended to like simple things because that’s all you can afford? No more need for that. If you want to drape yourself in gemstones like Zsa Zsa Gabor, you should go right ahead and do it. Money is no longer an issue when you’re in the market for gorgeous synthetics. It’s amazing what kind of gorgeous bridal sets are out there for less than $50 dollars. In the amount it would take to purchase a small real diamond, you can go all out and cover yourself from head to toe in simulated gems.  The best part is that nobody but you will know the difference.

Buying Fakes Are Popular For Ethical Reasons
Have you ever avoided real mink coats because you don’t believe in hurting animals, but still bought faux fur-lined items? That’s what a lot of people do when it comes to diamonds. Real diamonds are often mined from conflict areas, and may have the blood of many poor miners and their families on them. To take a stand, many people reject real diamonds, and go for beautiful and intricately designed guilt-free fakes. You can always mount fake gems on sterling silver or 14k gold, so your ring has value but isn’t tainted with conflict.

Even Royalty Choose Fabulous Fakes Over The Real Thing
Did you know that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, wears fakes on occasion? Being married to Prince William, she has no shortage of funds flowing in. But she, too, knows that you can be just as beautiful and glamorous without dishing out millions. She was seen wearing an inexpensive pair of delicate imitation pearl and diamond earrings at the Diamond Jubilee service at St Paul’s Cathedral in 2012. When it comes to fashion, few do it better than Kate.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a cheap fake engagement ring to help you start a new life, or just buying some for yourself to fuel your fashion needs. The point is, looking and feeling great on a budget has never been this easy. Go ahead and indulge your desires, you deserve it.