How To Choose A Good Quality Fake Diamond Ring

sterling-cz-wedding-setMarilyn Monroe may have taught you that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but she never said they had to be real. The truth is, unless you’re a trained gemologist, you probably can’t tell the difference between a real diamond and a good quality fake. So instead of splurging on a million-year old rock, why not get the same glittering jewel for a fraction of the price? Choosing the right faux diamond can be tricky, but not impossible.

Guilt Free Gemstones
Diamonds have always ensnared the minds of whoever catches sight of them. But many diamonds have also driven people to kill, pillage, and plunder. You certainly must have heard of blood diamonds, stones mined in areas of war and conflict; sold to fund insurgencies, war, and rebellion. Though banned by the UN, one can never be sure that their diamonds are conflict-free. To avoid perpetuating these vicious activities, many people avoid real diamonds altogether. They stick to the fabulous fakes that only symbolize eternal love and beauty.

Love without Materialism
In addition to taking the moral high ground, you will be saving money that could be better used. When starting a new life with someone, you want to give them everything you possibly can; but instead of spending the proverbial two month’s salary on a ring, buy them an equally beautiful and much less costly ring, and use the extra money to embark on your married life. You also don’t need to insure the ring, and need not feel devastated if you ever lose or misplace it. Don’t fall into the trap created by large gemstone companies; you can ask for your lady’s love with a gorgeous fake diamond ring.

Popular Fashion Statement
If you love the way diamonds catch the sunlight and sparkle every time you move your hand, but you can’t, or aren’t willing to drop thousands of dollars for one; then you can absolutely get that feeling of glamor and luxury for a fraction of the price. Opt for faux diamonds when trying to make a fashion statement without spending too much. So go ahead and spoil yourself, we all know you deserve it.

The Types of Stones to Choose From
Cubic Zirconia – With a flawless exterior and close resemblance to a diamond, cubic Zirconia is the biggest competitor in the market of faux diamonds. Because of its strength and durability, this would be your best option.

Swarovski Crystals – Created by Bohemian visionary, Daniel Swarovski in 1895, Swarovski crystals have become synonymous with quality gemstones. They are a great substitute for diamonds and are absolutely stunning.

Spinel – Spinel is a jewel in its own right, and must not simply be seen as an alternative to diamonds. Spinel is multi-faceted like a diamond, usually colorless, but can be found in various other shades as well.

Rhinestones – Rhinestones, also known as diamante, are very popular in costume jewelry because they are sparkly and very cheap. Quality can vary, depending on the manufacturer, but a well-made rhinestone will have the same iridescent effect of a diamond.

Diamonique by QVC – Similar to a diamond in cut, clarity, and weight; Diamonique is a good option for beautiful synthetic diamond jewelry. Manufactured by the popular and famous QVC, Diamonique promises quality.

Russian Ice on Fire – This is a grade of cubic Zirconia which is so brilliant and vibrant, the light catches its many faces and produces an effect similar to dancing flames, giving the stone its fiery name.

Cheap Glass – You will find lots of cheap glass rings on eBay and online Chinese markets which will cost you very little as compared to other diamond stimulants. These are not as durable and high quality as other materials, but they can be just as beautiful.

Fake diamond rings can be just as beautiful as real diamonds, and at times, more meaningful than a real diamond that comes with a shady past. Go ahead and buy yourself or your significant other a stunning ring, regardless of the cost of the stone. At the end of the day, it’s just a rock.