Russian Ice On Fire

Russian Ice On Fire, or Siberian Ice as it is sometimes called, is a specific brand name of Cubic Zirconia that is known for its diamond-like appearance. Because so many of these designs are set in stainless steel, they are incredibly budget-friendly. Below you can find both engagement rings and value-priced wedding sets.

Engagement Rings


Delilah Solitaire Bridal Engagement Ring

• This unique ring has all the elegance and sophistication of a genuine diamond design. I would feel rich wearing this piece because it looks much more expensive than it is.
• Created with a brilliant solitaire center stone that totals ¾ of a carat for maximum sparkle.
• The solid Sterling Silver band is nickel-free; perfect for the bride-to-be with sensitive skin.
• The Delilah runs true to size and is a wonderful engagement ring alternative. Read the reviews and learn more here.


Sterling Silver Entwined Love Russian Ice Ring

  • Nothing says romance like a ring named Entwined Love. The trendy band design and twisted solitaire setting is modern, fresh and very feminine.
  • This ring is not only perfect as an engagement ring, but also as a promise ring.
  • Created on a solid 925 Sterling Silver platinum white-rhodium protected setting.
  • The Russian Ice On Fire solitaire stone looks like a diamond.  See more photos of this pretty ring in detail.


Russian Ice On Fire Bridal Ring Sets

One of the first memories I have about wedding rings as a young child was noticing how many of our married female relatives and family acquaintances wore matching sets. I found it incredibly romantic that one ring represented the engagement, and the other one was slipped on at the wedding ceremony. As I was told, the rings switched places on the finger; the wedding ring was worn closer to the heart, and the engagement ring was worn on the outside. Perhaps you find these traditions a part of your bridal dreams as well.

Brilliant-Cut Ice on Fire Classic 2 Piece Wedding Ring Set

  • This pretty bridal set is popular for its classic and timeless elegance. The sparkling solitaire center stone on the engagement ring is 1.25 carats of brilliant cut Russian Ice.
  • It looks like white gold or platinum, but is made of much more affordable Surgical Stainless Steel.
  • This style makes it easy to find a matching band for him if you have your heart set on wearing a his and hers trio look.
  • Another reason why this is a popular choice is the budget-friendly price with a real diamond look.

Lakoda 2-Piece Engagement Set

  • The Lakoda has a unique name, but a very classical and elegant design. It manages to beautifully capture the light in a perfect, crystalline circle.
  • The pure 925 Sterling Silver bands are finished with platinum white-rhodium for high polish.
  • Has a total gemstone weight of 1.31 carats.
  • The real beauty of this set is the variation of stone sizes. The two side gems flanking the larger solitaire on the engagement ring makes it look like an expensive diamond setting from an exclusive jewelry store.
  • Both the wedding band and the engagement ring are a perfect match together.


Bienna 3-Piece Stacked Wedding Ring Set 

• This three-tiered wedding ring is absolutely spectacular. Baguette and  round-cut stones give this design beautiful dimension. I love that this wedding band creates an illusion of three rings but is still a one-piece creation. It’s magnificent.
• Manufactured from authentic and durable stainless-steel.
• Features brilliant Russian Ice On Fire CZ’s for realistic sparkle.
• This breath-taking ring has excellent customer reviews for quality and affordability. You can check the price here.