Petalite Engagement Rings-The Pros And Cons

Brazilian PetaliteWhen it comes to clear gemstones, nature has provided lavishly. Not only is there an abundance of naturally-occurring gems to choose from, but a wide assortment growing in labs around the world.  With both nature and labs staying busy making us pretty fake diamond alternatives, it’s nice to know that we can also consider those rare and collectible gems like the Petalite.

What Exactly Is Petalite? In Simple Terms, It’s A Mineral

When you go to do a search on the properties of Petalite, you arrive at dozens of pages with deeply scientific terminology. Unless you have a degree in Gemology or Mining, thermal properties and other confusing jargon just doesn’t answer the questions we all want to know. Is it brilliant? Will it make a good fake diamond engagement ring? Is it affordable? Will it last?

Here Are A Few Interesting Facts About Petalite:

-Although Petalite can be found from the U.S.A to Burma to Switzerland, the clear variety of  quality gems for jewelry is only found in small pockets around the world.

-It has been touted as a “healing” stone that brings protection from angels. I suppose it couldn’t hurt to have an engagement ring that offers healing and protection since relationships can use all they help they can get.

Watching Light Refraction From Gemstones Is So Mesmerizing!


The Good Things About This Gemstone

I think that one of the best features about this gemstone option is its rarity. You just don’t see many women wearing Petalite jewelry of any type. It’s a great option for those who think-outside-the-traditional-ring-box.  When I first discovered Petalite, I was intrigued by the pretty, floral-like name of this gemstone.

Not So Great Things To Consider

There are two very differing opinions out there about Petalite. On one hand, it has been described as better suited for earrings and pendants, not rings. On the other hand, there are some gorgeous Petalite engagement rings featured on reputable jewelry sites online. The following chart shows how Petalite compares on the Mohs Scale of hardness.

Petalite Vs Cubic Zirconia Vs Diamond

DiamondsCubic ZirconiaPetalite
10 8 – 8.56 - 6.5

As you can see, Petalite is softer than Cubic Zirconia by almost two points. This will definitely make it challenging ( but not impossible) to maintain a scratch-free stone unless the wearer is skilled with wearing delicate jewelry items.

Would Petalite Be A Good Choice For An Engagement Ring?

One of the qualities that make a good choice for a fake diamond alternative is a stone that refracts light beautifully. For many, the closer you can get to diamond-like hardness, the better. That means less fuss and worry about scratching up your ring as you go about daily life.

Since nobody can walk around with their hand in an air sling to protect their engagement ring stones, softer gems can feel like a scary preposition. However, it’s not all bad news. Petalite is loved by collectors.

With the proper faceting, Petalite can sparkle and shine like a diamond. offers a stunning video of their 1.55 ct Brazilian Itinga Petalite engagement ring in Sterling Silver.

If you don’t mind the extra TLC required of a Petalite, there is no reason why they wouldn’t make a lovely engagement ring.





Image Credits:

Brazilian Petalite, By DonGuennie (G-Empire The World Of Gems) (Own work [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons