Trillion Cut Loose CZ Stone

Cuts-Asscher To Trillion

With so many  choices of engagement ring materials, cuts, combinations, profiles, prices, and colors, I applaud the person that knows exactly what they want in an engagement ring. That clarity of vision is admirable indeed.

Perhaps you fell in love with a certain gemstone shape when you were young and impressionable. Many of us have a deep emotional connection to the ring designs our loved ones wore. Sometimes, a certain gemstone cut becomes appealing because it is the exact opposite of what the women in the family have on their fingers.

There are just as many reasons why we love the cuts we do as there are design varieties.  Just like people,  each cut has it’s own personality and “vibe” . Each refracts light in its own unique way. Certain styles make our hands look prettier and flatter our fingers  better.


The cuts listed here are in alphabetical order. There are two featured ring designs for each cut. If you would like to see a larger variety than what is here, click on the image for a full listing.


Asscher CutAsscher-The Asscher cut stone is a gorgeous large-faceted rounded square that has graced the jewelry collection of many famous movie stars and socialites around the world. When it comes to refracting light, the Asscher cut stone is reminiscent of those eternity mirrors that make a reflection go on and on into the depths.

There are some absolutely gorgeous fake diamond engagement rings with Asscher cut stones out there. Speaking of eternity mirrors that go on into the depths, I find it a wonderful analogy for a couple who are planning a lifetime together.

Tidbits About The Asscher Cut

  • The most famous Asscher cut stone was Elizabeth Taylor’s 33.19 carat Krupp diamond.
  • With its art deco flair, this shape was a hit in the flapper era of the 1920’s. The shape is exactly what you see on architectural details and furniture embellishments of that time.


Cushion CutCushion-The beauty and elegance of the cushion cut cannot be denied. There is something very rich and sumptuous about its design.  The rounded oval shape and faceting is like wearing a brilliant pillow of sparkly magic on your finger. According to reputable online jewelry experts, the 67 facets of this design make it produce more “fire” than the round cut.


Tidbits About The Cushion Cut

  •  The most intriguing and mysterious cushion cut stone in the world is The Hope Diamond.
  • The list of celebrities that choose this shape for their engagement ring is lengthy.


Emerald CutEmerald– The Emerald cut gemstone creates the stunning optical illusion of traveling through the hall of mirrors at The Palace of Versailles. When kept scrupulously clean, the light refraction of this cut is incredibly unique compared to the others. The beauty of the Emerald cut is not one of fire, but of reflection.

The Emerald cut is especially unforgettable if you choose a large-carat weight center stone of good quality. Your co workers, family, and friends will gather around to gaze into those mirrored reflections of light.

Tidbits About The Emerald Cut

  •  The facets of an Emerald cut gemstone leave inclusions nowhere to hide, so jewelers must use clear, top grade stones to create maximum light refraction.
  • This cut appeals to the classy woman who is sophisticated, elegant, and understated.


Heart Cut

Heart-If you have your heart set on a heart-shaped engagement ring, you are genuinely inspired by symbols of love. One of the most interesting things about choosing this cut for a bridal ring is the way that it shows appreciation for the unconventional, yet represents traditional values of devotion and loyalty to others.

The heart cut engagement ring is very out-of-the-box, so it appeals to women who  follow the beat of their own drum. Can we mention romance?  A heart-shaped gemstone is very romantic.


Tidbits About The Heart Cut

  •  In the jewelry world, the heart cut is described as a pear with a notched top.
  • The biggest heart cut diamond in the world is the walnut-sized 118 Carat Graff Venus.


Marquise CutMarquise– The Marquise cut is a gorgeous choice for many reasons. The unique elongated shape has enough pizazz on its own to turn a solitaire into a statement piece. Some brides-to-be love the cut for the attractive way it can make your hands look more dainty.

Marquise cut engagement rings also come in east-to-west settings. The east-to-west setting is what makes the stone look like a pair of lips ( as mentioned below) . If you would like to enjoy some extra gemstone fire while you are here, take a peek at this video of an East-West Marquise Cut Supernova Moissanite.


Tidbits About The Marquise Cut

  •  The Marquise cut came about when a French royal commissioned his jeweler to make a diamond shaped like the lips of his mistress .
  • One of the most famous Marquise shaped diamonds is the Cullinan VI. Cut from the magnificent Star of Africa, it now belongs to Queen Elizabeth.


Oval CutOval-With that rounded, yet elongated shape, the oval cut gemstone gives you two perks-the sparkle of a round cut with the appearance of looking larger in comparison for the same carat weight. If you look online and visit sites like Etsy, you will be bowled over by the beauty of solitaire Cubic Zirconia engagement rings cut in the oval shape.

The one feature that I find most striking about this cut is how substantial in looks on the hand.Even a small carat weight somehow looks weighty and grounded. The oval is a beauty as a center stone for those filigree settings. It has a lot of versatility and looks just as gorgeous in a modern setting as a vintage-style design.

Tidbits About The Oval Cut

  •  One of the largest oval cut stones in the world is the 102-carat whale-sized Beluga Diamond.
  • The Oval Cut is a fairly young  invention. It was created in the 1960’s and is still  avante garde as far as historical reference.


Pear CutPear– Sleek, slimming, ritzy, and regal. This is one of the cuts that Marilyn Monroe sang about in that famous tune; Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend. Pear cut stones are incredibly glamorous and and femme fatale. This is another cut that needs absolutely nothing in the way of accent stones or fancy bands to create a visual sensation.

Large carat weight pears are wow stones that everybody will want to look at and admire. The good news about pears is that a good-quality Cubic Zirconia can deliver the sparkle and light refraction that makes it look like a million on your finger. Long, well manicured fingernails and a Pear cut ring are the epitome of polished perfection.

Tidbits About The Pear Cut

  •  Harry Winston Jewelers online features a pear cut engagement ring that has a starting price of $11, 500 (!).
  • Fine pear cut gems can bring in huge sums of money at reputable auction houses.


Princess CutPrincess– There is no doubt that every woman looks and feels like a Princess on her wedding day. We can’t really say that there is one type of wedding gown popular with the majority of brides, but,  according to the jewelry industry, the Princess cut is a top seller. Why? It is a brilliant, sparkling showoff of a gem cut.

It beckons from the jewelry case with a come hither hypnotic attraction that makes many a bride-to-be float across the jewelry store floor in mid-air with her left hand poised and ready for fittings.

One of the most beautiful things about the Princess cut is how gorgeous it looks as a center stone flanked by other cuts. A Princess cut center stone flanked by Trillions on either side makes a beautiful ring.

Tidbits About The Princess Cut

  •  Just like the oval , the concept and design of the princess cut was created in the 1960s making it a fairly modern concept.
  • The list of celebrities that wear Princess Cut engagement rings goes on and on.


Radiant CutRadiant-After going through some of these gorgeous cuts, I am struck by the similarities between the shape names and how brides are described on their wedding day. She looks like a Princess in that dress. She was so radiant as she walked down the aisle.

The Radiant cut blends a rounded Emerald shape with faceting that  gives off an endless supply of sparkle and fire. Several online articles mention the light refraction as looking into a container of brilliant crushed ice. I think that is a great description.

Tidbits About The Radiant Cut

Round Cut

Round–  Beautiful, classic Round cut engagement ring stones have been the traditional choice for hundreds of years. The Round is a wonderful option for many reasons. It isn’t considered a fancy cut, so there is less chance of being hit with a fancy price tag. Rounds provide a beautiful light show. As a matter of fact, the Round cut is perfect for a smaller carat weight center stone.

This is a versatile cut that works for many gemstone varieties within the engagement ring market; white sapphires, white topaz, crystals, Rhinestones, Cubic Zirconia, Moissanite, and lab diamonds.

Tidbits About The Round Cut

  •  Playing with loose round cut pretend gemstones as a little girl can cause bling addiction in adulthood.
  • If you are going to study gem cuts like the Round, they may as well be larger than life like this huge door-knob sized real diamond ring.



Trillion Cut Loose CZ StoneTrillionTrillion Cut Loose CZ StoneTrillion, or Trilliant as they are sometimes called, refer to any gemstone that is shaped like a triangle. Some are soft and rounded like the one on the left here. Others are sharp and linear like the one shown on the right. Manufacturers mix and mingle these terms sometimes.

There is no doubt if you love Trillion stones that you love expressing yourself in unique ways. Trillion cut engagement rings are not a style you see on every other woman out there.

Tidbits About The Trillion  Cut

  •  Because of the angles, this unique cut needs a fit consideration when being matched to a wedding band.
  • The Infinity Halo Trillion Cut Bridal Set by Jeulia is a good example of a forward-thinking, contemporary design that fits it all together so you don’t have to.



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