Exploring Architectural Engagement Rings And Their Unusual Shapes

Do you enjoy browsing through pictures of interesting jewelry items? Even if you are a diehard traditional-ring-type  lady, you may enjoy looking at very non-traditional designs. Who would wear a bridal ring shaped like the Brooklyn Bridge? Surely women wouldn’t want to wear an engagement ring shaped like a mountain Temple in Bhutan, would they?

The fascinating part  about architectural bridal rings is that they are so different from anything else out there. Some of the designs are actually quite clever on the part of the jewelry maker.

Trying To Look At Engagement Ring Designing From The Makers Point Of View

Ring PolishingWhen a jewelry maker is trying to come up with a unique design for an engagement ring, he or she has a core group of qualities or characteristics that can be mingled, featured, or left out of the design altogether. Some of the things they have to plan are :

  • The Profile Height
  • The Choice Of Metal
  • The Type/ Types Of Gemstones
  • The Size Of The Gemstones
  • The Color Of The Stones
  • The Setting Style

Another thing they keep in mind is their intended customer. Will the design appeal to the conservative customer, or should it melt the heart of the avante garde uber-individual lady? Architectural rings are very, very nontraditional. This is not an engagement ring style you remember your Grandmother wearing.

No Matter How Unusual The Engagement Ring Design, There Will Be Someone Out There Who Absolutely  Loves It.

I have to give the ladies credit. There is something quite fearless and fully present about the personality who would love to wear one of these styles on their finger. A wallflower? No. Someone who prefers to blend in? No. A lady who is a trendy forward thinker and doesn’t mind attention? Yes. Bold? Outspoken? Probably. Below are three designs that let you view the details of rings in the architectural category.

Platinum Plated Architecture Engagement Ring

The platform top of this ring is a great reminder that all the world’s a stage, and on that stage, we all crave genuine everlasting love. When true love finds you, your spirit soars and you want to climb to the highest pinnacle and shout for joy.

If you love thick chunky jewelry pieces, you may love the substantial width of this band. You will definitely know it’s there and so will everyone else. Few rings would come close to this one as a conversation starter.

See customer pictures to learn more.


Chunky, Dramatic Cubic Zirconia With Crystal Engagement Ring

Bold and theatrical, this design promotes the rich lady look. It reminds me of something that Zsa Zsa Gabor would have slipped on her finger after marrying one of her millionaire husbands. The architectural build of the band can be seen in so many different ways by different people.

Personally, it reminds me of the World’s Fair and the Eiffel Tower with a bit of upside-down Southern Belle hoop skirt added in. Another unique feature is the visual trickery of this design. This ring looks so different when viewed from other angles.

Have a look at the different angles here.


High Profile Settings Will Definitely Attract Attention

This Platinum-plated Big Love Heart Ring has such an endearing name. Big Love Heart sounds so romantic. The aesthetics of this ring are quite unusual. Tiny stones and curves on the bottom, one smooth expanse of large carat weight stone on top.

Does it have a realistic sparkle? Luckily, there are customer videos that show the brilliance of the stones and the true profile height of the setting.

Watch the customer videos to get a better idea.


Ring Settings That Are Reminiscent Of Bridges, Buildings, Or City Skylines.

One of the most perfect examples of architectural ring designs are the  skyline models. They don’t represent the broad concept of romance like a traditional bridal ring. Instead, they mean something personal and deep to the engaged couple. If the two of you met and fell in love in Paris, a Paris skyline engagement ring would be tres bon, oui?  Of course, Cityscape, or Skyline rings make better wedding bands because they take up a lot of real estate on your finger. It is also very hard to find these rings with fake diamonds. However, the choices are getting better.

Your City Ring – Any Cityscape

Just like couples get to choose where, when, and how they get married, they can also choose a Cityscape ring to celebrate their best memories. The rings featured here are by CaitlinMinimalist. Not only are they different, they are custom-made especially for you. You get to choose the city by drop down list and input your preferred material:

  • Solid 925 Sterling Silver
  • 18K Gold ∙ Rose Gold

Cities include famous metropolitan areas from around the world. Learn more about the avante garde world of architectural designs as bridal ring alternatives on the Your City Ring page.


Image Credit: Ring Polishing, Pxhere.com, CC0 Public Domain-Free

Vintage Style Rose Gold Plated CZ Engagement Rings

When it comes to choosing a setting for an engagement ring, there are several traditional metals that are popular in the world of bridal jewelry. Gold has always been a treasured favorite for the bride-to-be. There are thousands of ring designs out there in 14K white or yellow gold. What you don’t see often is a woman wearing a setting of 14K Rose Gold as her engagement ring.

Rose Gold has an old-world appeal that makes it perfect for creating vintage style ring settings. It is one of those love-it or hate-it shades of gold. One of the biggest downfalls to choosing this shade is the possibility that it will “clash” with the other gold jewelry in your collection. However, many women wear silver and gold together and love the blended look. Others wear nothing but rose gold.

 The Meaning Of The Rose Gold  Color

Love, happiness and success
Love, happiness and success

Not only does a ring symbolize the loving bond between couples, the colors, shapes and settings that we choose for our symbol say a lot as well. I love exploring the deeper meaning of things; including the emotional affects of color in our lives.

The color gold represents wealth, prosperity, love, optimism and luxury. It has long-lasting value and signifies glamor and success.

The color rose represents pure romance in its basic form. It has connotations of gentleness, happiness, admiration and love. No wonder gentlemen give rose-colored flowers to the lady they love.

Blend the color qualities of gold and rose together and you get a representation of love, wealth, happiness and success;  a beautiful choice for a wedding ring

 Vintage Style Settings Are  Traditionally Romantic

One of the most breathtaking designs for bridal jewelry are those that capture the intricate patterns and details of the way rings were created in the late 1800’s through the 192o’s. Tiny flowers, twisting borders and delicate scroll work were the earmarks of  bridal rings in that era. They were truly works of art. Just like frilly underwear, these items had ultra-feminine appeal.

As you can see in these photos, vintage settings are full of little details; especially along the band and around the prongs. They can look like swirling, sparkling little bridges that are chock full of brilliance. Vintage rings were made with a wonderful variety of  carat weights on the same ring.

Of course, this type of ring has both pros and cons: The extra nooks and crannies mean more cleaning. More stones and prongs means worrying about losing a stone, snagging on clothing, e.t.c.  On a positive note, a vintage design has that “family heirloom” quality where a precious jewelry item is passed down through the generations. They resemble expensive estate pieces.

How Is Rose Gold Created?


Just like Cubic Zirconia and diamonds come in many shades, so does gold. Did you know that gold can be manufactured into different shades like blue, black or green? In order to make gold have that luscious pinky hue that labels it rose gold, a small percentage of copper is added to the mix. Isn’t that fascinating?

Typically, the blend is 75% yellow gold and 25% copper. This is known in the industry as gold alloy, or a mix of several metals.

You can learn more about the technical world of colored gold and how rose gold is created on this Wikipedia page or view the interesting video below for comparison.



Caring For Rose Gold CZ Engagement Rings

If you have a rose gold ring that is not plated, you care for it like any other piece of gold jewelry. However, if you have a plated version, it will need extra care to prevent tarnishing or breakdown. You can clean the setting with warm soapy water, then gently pat dry or air dry.

Things like perfumes, lotions, or chemicals can break down the surface of your ring.  Buffing and rubbing is not recommended for gold plated jewelry.


Image Credits: Wedding Band, Vintage Style, Modern- Sleek Rings courtesy of Amazon.com, Copper By Native_Copper_Macro_Digon3.jpg: “Jonathan Zander (Digon3)” derivative work: Materialscientist (Native_Copper_