3 piece wedding ring set

His & Hers Fake Diamond Wedding Ring Trios

With so many engagement ring designs created to please the bride-to-be, it does the heart good to see that there are still some lovely matching sets out there for both him and her. Whenever I see a wedding ring trio, it takes me way back to the days when almost every married couple that I saw wore rings that matched.

It would be very rare to see a married woman wearing a white gold engagement ring and band, when her husband is wearing yellow gold. We might even think something is wrong with their relationship Why? Because marriage symbolizes two becoming one.

It can be a little challenging finding matching sets that use real-looking fake diamonds on both the husband’s band as well as hers, but there some out there.

His And Hers Trio Of Solid 14k Yellow and White Gold With Cubic Zirconia Stones

* For Her– Both the engagement ring and wedding band feature baguette-shaped CZ accents and a Marquise-shaped center stone on the engagement ring.

* For Him– His band is an elegant design of pure 14K gold that appears to hug and protect the baguette-shaped CZ stones nestled underneath.

* The smooth surface of his wedding band also offers protection from snagging and catching on his clothes or work projects.

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3pc His and Hers Bridal Set-Hers White Gold Plated Heart CZ-His Titanium Wedding  Band Set

* For Her– The engagement ring and wedding band fit together to create one bold and sparkly look. Her set is white gold plated and features a heart-cut CZ center stone on the engagement ring.

* For Him– His band is made with scratch-resistant Titanium and CZ accent stones around the band. It is masculine and rugged in design, yet has an elegant, sophisticated vibe as well.

* Designing a set using mixed metals like this makes for a very affordable option. Even though the CZ stones are graded AAA clear, this set will definitely not strain the budget.

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Do Couples Still Go For Matching Wedding Ring Sets?

If you are wondering whether matching wedding ring sets are a bit old-fashioned these days, don’t worry. Romance never goes out of style. Neither does your own personal style. Couples still find ways to show the world they are a team.  It’s not unusual to see married couples sporting matching hats or t-shirts.

Trendy And Modern Materials For The Non-Traditional Couple

What is uniquely different about these types of rings is how wonderful they look even though they aren’t your traditional gold, silver, or platinum. Some of the interesting materials used for these rings include Titanium, Tungsten Steel, Palladium, and even Ceramic.  The following website has a list and images for reference :

 Jewelry By Johan.com – List Of Ring Materials

It is incredible to see how many materials are now used to create wedding bands and engagement rings. The wide variety of materials out there can offer choices for those who have allergies, unique fashion taste, budget limitations, or occupations that require non-conductive jewelry to be worn on the job.

Mixed Metal Wedding Ring Trios With Good Reviews

Marimor Jewelry His & Her Stainless Steel 3.10 Ct CZ Bridal Set & Men’s Titanium Wedding Band

  • This bridal set has an interesting harmony between the masculine design of the wedding band  for him and the ladylike elegance of the engagement ring and  wedding band duo for her.
  • Her set has 3.10 Carats of Round Cut CZ stones set in Stainless Steel.
  • His ring has a solid Titanium center accented with Cubic Zirconia.

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Marimor Jewelry Black & Silver Stainless Steel & Titanium His & Her 4pc Wedding Ring Band Set

  • When it comes to his and hers bridal sets, you rarely see anything as unique as this set. The design and materials are definitely for the couple who dare to be different and create their own traditions. It is also very rare to see 4-piece ring sets when it comes to wedding jewelry.
  • Her ring is like a puzzle and is described as a 1.75 Carat Halo Round Cut Cubic Zirconia set on Black Stainless Steel.
  • His solid Titanium ring is racy and masculine, yet stylish at the same time.

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Wedding BouquetWay back in the day, matching bridal Trios had to be special ordered through a jewelry shop. Typically, a lone engagement ring was presented to the loved one at the time of the proposal. Once they were engaged, they could shop for matching bands as the wedding date came closer.

Now, ready-to-wear Trios are much easier to find and purchase. The materials used to make them are getting more unique and specialized. No matter what they are made from, they will always represent love, devotion, and dreams of a bright future together.