5 Gorgeous Art Deco CZ Bridal Sets That Show Off Your Originality

Are you an Art Deco girl? When it comes to styles of wedding and engagement ring sets, Art Deco designs are  definitely in a league of their own. This category of design includes pieces that have intricate details like mixed patterns, tiered settings and vintage charm.

The Art Deco days occurred in the late 1920’s through the 1930’s.  Jewelry design became increasingly geometric and angular. Compared to the knowledge required for mounting a solitaire stone, the Art Deco ring designer had quite a task. Below are several pretty rings that show off the more intricate workmanship of the Art Deco  style.


Simulated Diamond Art Deco Engagement RingArt Deco Vintage Style Set

The very first thing that I noticed about this set was the unique wavy design of the wedding band. The second thing I noticed was how rich and elegant this set looks.

It has all the features of an heirloom bridal set without the shocking price tag. The customer photos give you a great idea about fit and design. This one is truly a beauty.



Two Piece Art Deco Engagement Ring SetTwo Piece Art Deco Engagement Ring SetTwo-Piece-Art-Deco-RingCZ Set With Cushion Cut Center Stone

This Sterling Silver Bridal set is incredibly unique and ultra-lovely.  I have never, ever seen a ring set like this in real life, but it is an eye catching piece of jewelry.

Every section of this design offers a different decorative element. The manufacturer makes this ring in many interesting combinations. It is made in the U.S.A. See the details and more images.

Two Piece Art Deco Engagement Ring SetTwo Piece Art Deco Ring Set


  Art Deco Halo Wedding Set

Berricle Art Deco Style Ring SetOne thing I can always say about the Berricle Company is that they create some very beautiful designs. The best way to describe the ring set here is to say that it has amazing presence.

If you love your vintage-inspired jewelry pieces to be a combination of  bold and sophisticated , this design  might be for you.



Blue Apple Co. Vintage Style Bridal Set

This bridal set has an incredible amount of feminine charm through its delicate-looking features. It almost has that diamond daisy appearance. Like a bejeweled caterpillar, the bands of both rings sparkle thanks to the CZ settings. Read what the ladies are saying  about this design,


Although the gorgeous rings featured in the following video are created with genuine diamonds, the Art Deco style is shown beautifully.

There is no doubt that this type of design is far from mainstream. It has incredible elegance and refinement. The Art Deco era was a fascinating time in history.


Circa 1925 Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring
Circa 1925

FlapperWhat  Engagement Rings Looked Like In 1925

This stunning Platinum and diamond ring was featured on Fancy Flea Antiques, a beautiful place to see exquisite jewelry items from bygone eras. Imagine the price difference between what they paid back then compared to what it is worth today.

If this is what the ladies wore back then, no wonder they kicked up their heels to do their Flapper dancing.

 The 1930’s Style Was Just As Gorgeous

1930s Art Deco Engagement Ring

This beautiful Art Deco-style vintage ring is another wonderful example of the intricate workmanship that went into designing them.

They are certainly gorgeous enough to hand down from one generation to another. I cannot imagine the thrill of wearing a Grandmother’s old Art Deco engagement ring and then handing it down to your Grandchildren.

At the time of this post, this 2.40 carat diamond ring is available for sale on:

Etsy Store  EVAJEWELL999.

Who Makes The Best Fake Art Deco-Style Engagement Rings?

There are many jewelry designers that offer gorgeous Art Deco replica rings. My top picks are Berricle and TwoBirch for their stunning designs and good reviews. However, I am sure there are many jewelry companies out there that offer some type of old-world setting and stone options.

The TwoBirch Art Deco Bridal Set Is Incredibly Unique

This Sterling Silver CZ Duo has all of the intricate details that make this style category unique. If I noticed a woman wearing a ring like this, I would ask permission to take a closer look.

From a jewelers perspective, I can only imagine the amount of work it would take to set all those stones into these separate patterns.

See all the specifications and more photos.


 The Art Deco Era Was A Unique Time In History

1920's Young Flappers
1920’s Fashion for young Flappers by John Atherton, CC BY-SA 2.0

It’s fascinating to realize that the Art Deco era of jewelry design had its beginnings over 100 years ago. During that span of time we went through  The Roaring 20’s, The Great Depression, the Big Band era, Bonnie & Clyde and had movie stars like Greta Garbo and Clark Gable. Hemlines went up and hair was bobbed short.

People listened to music from The Glen Miller Band and Judy Garland was a little girl. Even though those times are long gone, we can still enjoy the styles of jewelry that were popular then.

All of those fine little ring details that we speak of today were the norm for the ladies of that time.